💕Types of boys💕:

I always see these posts but I’ve never seen one about boys so I decided to make one!! 💕💕

  • Sunrise boys: sitting on the rooftop at dawn, eyes that are always bright, slumber parties full of laughs, taking pictures with the flash on
  • Stained glass boys: open curtains, centuries old buildings, watercolor paintings, dragon wings
  • Lemonade boys: the reflection of light on water, burying your feet in the sand, iced tea, backwards hats
  • Log cabin boys: fireplaces, warm hugs, soft flannels, baking cookies perfectly
  • Lavender boys: fuzzy blankets, waking up in the morning without an alarm, foggy days, cappuccinos with fancy designs
  • Constellation boys: freckles, holographic highlighter, going on late night drives, walking barefoot on concrete
  • Moonlight boys: dried roses, the color of the sky during dusk, handwritten notes, dancing in the kitchen at 2 am
  • Peach boys: juice boxes, the feeling of sunlight hitting your skin, thrift stores, taking pictures with friends
  • Thunderstorm boys: watching the raindrops roll down the car window, oversized hoodies, pink cheeks and nose from the wind, passion
  • Asphalt boys: the wind in your face while riding your skateboard, comfortable silence, scraped knees and knuckles, trusting few but trusting them with your life

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